Time Flying

I realize that I’m breaking some kind of rule by posting twice in one day, but that’s okay. I think I’m losing a reader base because I’m not writing more often, so hopefully next time most of you think “oh yeah, Andrew’s Israel blog, let’s see if he’s posted again,” you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

The truth is, I’m having trouble embracing this whole blogging thing. I’m used to trying to make everything that I write really good, or at least kind of good. Blogging is more off-the-cuff, much more spontaneous than planned or thought-through. My last post was kind of an attempt to land in both lanes. I tried to make it sound like stream of consciousness without the typical conversational tone. Sorry if it didn’t work for you. And I’m deeply sorry I haven’t made good on my promise to post often. 
So I looked at the schedule today and realized that we’re more than halfway through February. Which, by extension, means that the semester is almost over. You might think that sounds ridiculous and it sort of is, but bear with me. 
We have the rest of this week, which includes a Shephelah/Philistia Field Study (the coastal plain of Israel, west of the hill country toward the Meditteranean Sea), Shabbat on Friday night and Saturday morning, then an overnight field trip to En Gedi (on the western shore of the Dead Sea) for History of Ancient Israel and a hike through the Ascent of Ziz (from En Gedi north toward Jerusalem) on Sunday. Side note, sorry, it’s really hard to use some of these terms, because I have to define them all for you who are not in Land and Bible class with me. Which would be none of you. These site names and route titles are kind of just something you have to know for the class. Sort of like saying “SSC” or “DMC” or “The Rock” back at the ‘Ville. Yeah, just think of it that way.
Anyway, after En Gedi, there’s a week of class followed by a week-long trip through Negev (southern Israel, the Mosean wilderness, Red Sea, Masada, that kind of stuff). Then we have three weeks of class, followed by our week-long Galilee trip. This all brings us through March. We have a week of classes after that, then a week for Travel Study break (Egypt!), a week of class after that, finals, then I come home.
So yeah. I need to really take advantage of the time. 

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