Sorry I haven’t posted recently. I’ve been rather occupied of late. There are a lot of things that have to get done in the next few weeks, especially in light of the news that my parents are coming to Israel in the middle of April (!) As such, I need to get all my work done before they get here, which actually means before Travel Study to Egypt because when I get back, they will be in the country. That’s about three and-a-weeks away. And we spend a week in Galilee during that time. I have to write two fifteen-page papers (one on literary criticism of the gospels and the other on Ancient Egypt in the Old Testament) and like seven 300-pagers for Jewish Thought and Culture. 

So that’s my life right now. Throw in this book I wanted to write for Tyler’s birthday and all the little things we do during the week like work days, Old City trips, bonfires and archeological excavations and it gets kind of frustrating. Still, it’s all worth it. 
So I guess it’s possible that I don’t write on this until the end of the semester. But don’t count on that because I’m going to have to write something for fun. Might as well be this blog. At least here I have an audience. I think. 

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