Just a brief welcome to my blog, the third of my attempts at this nebulous and impossible-to-define art form. My first two tries have failed with flying colors and are floating M.I.A. around the blogosphere. I either forgot my password, realized that nobody cared and– by consequence– nobody read, or just got bored. Though I now know that there is no way to wrap your arms around this concept, I hope that I can at least find the edges. That’s the goal.

If you are friends, hopefully you will let me know you’re reading. If you’ve followed the link on my Israel Semester blog, you’ll find the same type of writing here too. Either way, I hope that I write frequently and skillfully enough to periodically entertain you.

I’ve pretty exclusively used blogspot in the past, but WordPress seems a little simpler and a lot easier to personalize. I will post stories, poems, essays, articles, links to other blog posts and pictures and so on that capture my attention. I will have written some of them and others I will just want to highlight because I think they’re interesting. And it’s my blog, so I do what I want.