Social Justice vs. Relational Justice

Marvin Olasky offers some thoughts on what has become quite the buzzword:


Moving Day

Hello everyone. If you happen to check this blog three months after I came back from Israel, I’m impressed. Nevertheless, if you do see this post, it is either because you were suddenly interested in reading something from this blog, or you just got an email about a new post or something. If the former is true (and I suppose the latter, too), I’ve moved to Word Press. Feel free to read my musings there. And leave a comment to let me know you’re reading.

ps- I suppose this means this is my final post. Thanks for reading! It’s been fun. Shalom!

Evening Flashes: Very short stories delivered nightly

Everybody gets me wrong. I was happy he came home. I was. It was just that reception! The running, the embrace, the ridiculous tears. How embarrassing. When father came out to see me during the party, I told him how I felt. I laid it out for him- how disgraceful his actions were. Only he and the sheep heard my complaint. He was hurt. He tried to hide it, even said something about how I should rejoice that my brother was treated so undeservedly, but I could tell he was hurt. And I didn’t care anymore.

i thirst

How can my soul thirst for You

When my soul of souls is blackness?

How can I pant for streams of water

When my oldest yearnings are for

the cisterns of another?

How can I pour out my heart

in the house of God

When I sit so highly in

the seat of scoffers?

I turn to the idols of Gomer

and say

Where is my God?

Oh, God. My God.

My soul is downcast.

My tears, I

eat and drink them

I plead to You, drowning in a bleeding heart

I wrongly ask,

Why have you forsaken me?

I ask for the Lord’s love to be

directed toward me

I plead for

your waves and waterfalls

to sweep over me

I am not forsaken.