A Tolkien quote and a gem from XKCD

Call this a make-up post if you’d like. Here’s some interesting links I’ve found recently

College Football. Still? Isn’t it December? IT NEVER ENDS. So Brian Kelly is the new Notre Dame coach. Think the way he left Cincinnati was ugly? (A Cinci receiver wasn’t too happy: “He went there for the money”) Every coaching change is the same.

Jesus. Some interesting historical thoughts from Paul Maier on the birthday of Jesus. He argues that Jesus was born in 5 B.C. and that he died on Friday April 3rd, 33 A.D. (which of course means that he rose again on Sunday the 5th).

HT: Justin Taylor

Manhattan Declaration. Some of you may be aware of the evangelical interest surrounding the Manhattan Declaration. It is an ecumenical document, detailing a conservative Christian perspective on abortion and homosexuality. Read it here, sign it here. The controversy (of sorts) comes because several evangelical leaders (like Alistair Begg, Michael Horton, John MacArthur and R.C. Sproul) have refused to sign it. MacArthur says he didn’t sign it because it sided with “apostate” traditions:

Instead of acknowledging the true depth of our differences, the implicit assumption (from the start of the document until its final paragraph) is that Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Protestant Evangelicals and others all share a common faith in and a common commitment to the gospel’s essential claims. The document repeatedly employs expressions like “we [and] our fellow believers”; “As Christians, we . . .”; and “we claim the heritage of . . . Christians.” That seriously muddles the lines of demarcation between authentic biblical Christianity and various apostate traditions. (From Grace to You)

For what it’s worth, Albert Mohler, Randy Alcorn, Chuck Colson, James Dobson, Ligon Duncan, Wayne Grudem, Tim Keller, Russel Moore, Marvin Olasky, J.I. Packer, Joni Eareckson Tada, John Woodbridge and Ravi Zacharias all signed it.

Obviously, some big names on both sides. We have one gospel that should not be tampered with (Gal. 1), but it is also worth noting that a laundry list of respected evangelicals have signed it in good conscience. I’m sure they would not have signed it had they thought it weakened the gospel. Read it and evaluate for yourself.

Advent. Some good thoughts fron Noel Piper on what candles should remind us of.

Tolkien on Eden. A great quote from Lord of the Rings author J.R.R Tolkien, from a letter to his son:

We all long for [Eden], and we are constantly glimpsing it: our whole nature at its best and least corrupted, its gentlest and most humane, is still soaked with the sense of ‘exile’. If you come to think of it, your (very just) horror at the stupid murder of the hawk, and your obstinate memory of this ‘home’ of yours in an idyllic hour (when often there is an illusion of the stay of time and decay and a sense of gentle peace) are derived from Eden. (The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien, 110)



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