The Madness

Absolutely priceless post from Kevin DeYoung. Before you read, let me provide some background. DeYoung is a pastor in East Lansing, Michigan and C.J. Mahaney played basketball at the University of Maryland before he got saved. As you probably know, Michigan State beat Maryland on a last second buzzer-beater in a crazy game.

Here’s their friendly wager on the game:

If Michigan State wins, C.J. must…

1. Come preach at University Reformed Church again.

2. Write a blog post about why the Spartans are the superior basketball team.

3. And post a photo of himself wearing MSU attire.

If Maryland wins, I must…

1. Go preach at Covenant Life Church.

2. Blog about the awesomeness of Maryland basketball.

3. And show the world what I look like in Maryland gear (no turtle I’m told).

And here’s an excerpt of their back-and-forth emails:

Sunday afternoon emails between me and C.J.:

ME 4:36 – Game’s not over yet.

CJ 4:38 – Md does not give up but it would be a complete collapse if your boys lose and Izzo won’t let that happen.

CJ 4:44 – Oh my!

ME 4:44 – I am feeling ill.

CJ 4:47 – My entire family is present and screaming! I already have my post done that I was going to send you.

ME 4:49 – Are you kidding me!

CJ 4:50 – Congratulations my friend! We are heart broken.

CJ 4:54 – We are depressed. Post is coming.

Awesome stuff. Interestingly, DeYoung’s Spartans now play Justin Taylor’s Northern Iowa Wildcats. The plot thickens.


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