Morning Press 3.31

Virtual Choir. This is incredible:

See another here.

Holy week. If you want a good book to read for Holy Week, D.A. Carson’s “Scandalous” is an excellent choice. If you’ve listened to Carson’s lectures much (especially his three-part series on N.T. Wright and New Perspective at Westminster) then you’ve heard some of this stuff before, but it’s certainly worth hearing again. Adrian Warnock’s “Raised with Christ” is next, and perhaps Mark Driscoll’s “Death by Love.”

The historical fact of the resurrection. Speaking of N.T. Wright, here’s an excellent video:

As Adrian Warnock pointed out on his blog (HT by the way), it’s become sort of cool for evangelicals to criticize Wright. This is a mistake. We may disagree with him on justification, but he’s worth listening to on that and all other issues. With the resurrection (as with most other things) I believe he is right on.

Why are Jews liberal? Marvin Olasky interviews neo-conservative Jew Norman Podhoretz.

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