A note on yesterday’s post…

I spent 600 words yesterday trying to convince you that all first drafts are probably your worst writing, so you should always plan in some rewriting. This is honestly very difficult to carry into blogging life. Blogging needs to be quick and frequent—a kind of writing almost antithetical to what I discussed yesterday.

So I have a confession to make: yesterday’s post was not rewritten. Yes, I am such a hypocrite. But blogging is simply a special type of writing; it has to be quick and frequent. And I hate to play the busyness card, but I’m near the end of the school year, and I really don’t have tons of time to spend blogging. I have my regular, private, longer-form writing, and that material is always in the rewriting process. Most of you will never read any of it. So sorry about that. But this is a true saying worthy of all acceptance: writing is a lonely life.

However, blogging can’t be. Sorry I keep saying this, but blogging has to be quick and frequent—if I don’t blog like this, I’ll start to lose my readership (though let’s be honest, I don’t have much of one at present…I’m working on that).

Blogging has to be public. And with my school schedule combined with my many extracurricular activities, even writing one post a day becomes difficult. Case in point, I actually wrote the first draft of this while helping out at my church youth group. Yes, I did rewrite this post. But don’t get used to it. I guess I’ll at least correct typos.


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