WJI Convergence Project: Article

Taylor Minor has the perfect Cedarville pedigree. He went to the local high school, helped his family start the popular diner “Beans ‘n Cream” and went to nearby Cedarville University for a year after seven years in the Marine corps. So he would be the perfect candidate to start one of the village’s most popular attractions.

Stoney Creek Roasters was started just a year-and-a-half ago, but the modest coffee shop is already building a favorable national reputation. Minor said that along with making coffee for the local area, Stoney Creek has sold its roasted coffee to other shops across the country. But Minor says that the local opportunities–such as selling coffee to Rinnova, Cedarville University’s student coffee shop–are closer to Stoney Creek’s heart.

“Our philosophy was really to specialize in coffee and drinks,” Minor said. “To have a food element, but really just to focus on the social part of coffee drinking an really building an environment that was really inviting for people.”

The coffee shop is owned and operated by Minor and virtually every member of his family. His mother, father, wife, brother and grandparents all put hours into SCR. The remaining hours needed are filled by six college student workers from Cedarville University.
Stoney Creek’s success has enabled Minor to start expanding the shop. An extra room, more basement seating and most recently a patio have been added. The brand new patio overlooks the small creek that runs through Cedarville.

“[We want to] take everything up a notch in terms of quality.”


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