Morning Press 4.19

The Emerging Church is dead. Anthony Bradley announces that the short-lived Emerging Church movement has died.

From Brian McLaren to Erwin McManus to Rob Bell to Tony Jones to Mark Driscoll and others, the theological lines have been drawn and are settled. We have all moved on. We know who fits into evangelicalism, post-liberalism, Anabaptism, Calvinism, and so on.

Why should pastors read? Aaron Menikoff quotes T. David Gordon’s book Why Johnny Can’t Preach to answer.

Here’s a quote from Gordon’s book:

There is a profound difference between reading information and reading texts. The former permits a disinterest in the question of how the matter is composed; its interest is only in the content. Indeed, the skill of rapid reading was designed precisely to achieve better efficiency when reading for information, by actually training the mind to ignore most of the articles, prepositions, adjectives, and adverbs. But reading a text is a laboriously slow process; when one reads a text, one is reading a piece of literature that survives beyond its initial generation largely because of its manner, irrespective of its matter . . . [How Shakespeare] talks about friendship is so profoundly artful that one is often stunned by the achievement. Yet how many people (including ministers) in our culture today are capable of reading Shakespeare’s sonnets with appreciation and pleasure?

A note on all the weird content over the weekend. I’m doing this program called the World Journalism Institute in New York City this summer. The course is designed to get young journalists familiar with all different type of media, produced from a Christian worldview. All the stuff labeled “Convergence Project” are part of a pre-class assignment which was to be posted on our blogs. So, you’ll see a lot of this stuff over the next two months. Hopefully, I can maintain some other content too. Hope you enjoy it either way.


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