Unity in the truth of the gospel

Justin Taylor:

Someone said, disparagingly, that T4G was “like a club patting each other on the back for their mutual buttressing of the ‘unadjusted gospel’ against threats from various corners.”

I suppose that’s one way to look at it.

But here’s the lasting image that will stay in my mind from the conference: a diverse group of men, united in their love for the Savior and the gospel, praying with tears for healing of a brother with stage 3 brain cancer.

Of course, the “someone” Justin references is CT’s Brett McCracken, who wrote this article last week comparing T4G with the Wheaton Conference featuring N.T. Wright. Justin provides good thoughts as always — humble in disagreement, but firm nonetheless. This picture is from my favorite memory from T4G, four men laying hands on Matt Chandler and fervently praying for him, then singing It is Well with the 7,000 pastors and students in attendance. This all after Sproul, Mohler, MacArthur and of course Piper all laid out the truth in full clarity, each refusing to give it up. But was the conference all about pompous upturned noses and prudish back-patting?

As this picture shows — hardly.

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