‘Inception’ stuff

Note: This is an old movie review-ish thing that I never got around to posting. Also, I haven’t written anything in a long time so this is a way to get content out. Baby steps, man.

I’ve had some pretty weird dreams in my life. A couple examples, both fairly recent:

(1) I’m sitting in this giant room with walls made of glass. Outside the room, it’s like Mordor — a volcano coughing up lava, a black sky, red lightning, flaming rocks falling from the sky, the whole deal. Inside, I’m sitting and the front of a room filled with long, black tables. Men in grey robes are sitting behind the tables, and before each of them lies a beaker of steaming liquid. In some demented religious-y rite, they lift their beakers as I life mine, and we all drink together. Instantly, the men’s hair thins and turns grey, their hands shrivel up and their faces turn discolored. The run screaming through the back of the room, shattering the wall of glass.

(2) I’m in this white room, which pretty closely resembles my sister’s bedroom from when I was 12, except there isn’t any furniture in it. Bare white walls, floors and ceiling. An open closet on one end of the rectangular room, a window on the other and a white door on one of the sides. I’m standing by the door. The weird thing: I know I’m in a dream. Like, I know I’m asleep, I know this is just like my sister’s old room, and I know I’m dreaming the whole thing. I pinch myself and nothing happens. I start banging on the walls and yelling, trying to wake myself up. I’ve had this dream a couple times…I think.

And then WHOOSH I’m suddenly on a camping trip with the girl I happened to like at the time, my childhood babysitter and high school Spanish teacher, trying to figure out how to order a pizza using smoke signals.

My biggest complaint about the dreamworlds in Inception is that they didn’t resemble real dreamworlds at all. They were too structured, they had too many rules, and the characters had too much control over them. The dreams were entirely built on Christopher Nolan’s own ideas about dreams masquerading as scientific fact. And most egregiously, (1) there was no space warp, which happens in my dreams all the time and (2) there was very little mention of a false sense of deja vu. Dreams are incredibly random, often defying known laws of science (how many times have you had a flying dream?), and usually inexplicably feature people from varying stages of the dreamer’s life. As enjoyable and unpredictable as the movie was, these were glaring weaknesses.

What kinds of dreams do you have?


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