Monday Morning Press: 10/18

Streams of Evangelicalism. The Gospel Coalition has been producing some really great round-table videos recently, and this discussion about evangelicalism is among the latest. I enjoyed hearing the perspectives of a historian (Owen Strachan), a blogger (Justin Taylor) and a journalist (Collin Hansen). It brings a refreshingly different dynamic to a discussion we’ve often heard conducted by scholars and pastors. I’ve embedded it below:


Kindle and iPad: Together taking over the world. When we talk about the two dominant e-book devices, we typically refer to the competition between them (e.g. the “which is better?” argument). HOWEVA, a recent article in Wired says that e-book sales have almost doubled in the last year. According to the study, for the month of August, hardcover sales decreased 25 percent while e-book sales went up 172 percent. Yikes. The reading apocalypse is upon us!

One of my profs brought this to my attention, so I suppose I should hat tip Adventures in Professorship, his blog.

Obligatory monday morning college football thoughts. So Ohio State lost over the weekend, which is always nice. But the way they did it is kind of unsettling, by all accounts getting manhandled on the road against Wisconsin. Apart from making me think Michigan now has the slimmest of slim chances to beat Ohio State now (a notch above “absolutely no chance”), the loss had a pretty substantial impact on the rest of the country.

For the second week in a row, the No. 1 team lost (last week it was Alabama), meaning that Oklahoma and Oregon are now the top dogs, respectively. Boise State is now third, and unlikely to make it to the national title game unless everybody loses (probably twice). This is good.

Obligatory Michigan football thoughts. At one point during Michigan’s 38-28 loss to Iowa on Saturday, Michigan had 400 yards of offense and 7 points. As someone said on Twitter, that’s hard to do. I was streaming the game online at a friend’s house (a house filled with people who couldn’t care less about football, I might add) but turned it off when it was 35-14 because we were eating dinner. As we finished, I got a text from an Iowa fan which said something to the effect of “you guys are making it a game, but we still have control.” Of course I turned the game back on to see that it was now 35-28. Unsurprisingly, a string of bad things happened once I started watching and they lost.

As for Rich Rodriguez’s job security, yeah he’s in trouble. A 4-15 conference record is downright inexcusable. I like the guy and hope he stays, but if they don’t beat Penn State after the bye week, it’s red alert time. If they lose to PSU, lose to Illinois or Purdue or both, and don’t upset one of Wisconsin or Ohio State, it’s curtains for RichRod.

My prediction, you ask? Based on available evidence we can project the rest of the season to go as follows:


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