Pujols a free agent? C’mon, St. Louis

Contract talks between the Cardinals and Albert Pujols are headed in the wrong direction, major league sources tell Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports.  The clock is ticking as there are less than two weeks until the first baseman’s self-imposed deadline for an agreement. …

Even though talks between the two sides are fluid, the Cardinals are balking at the 31-year-old’s asking price.  The slugger is seeking a contract that will reflect his status as the game’s top player, meaning that he’s likely looking to top Alex Rodriguez‘s ten-year, $275MM deal.

MLB Trade Rumors

This is likely to be obsolete as soon as the Cardinals man up and pay Pujols what he deserves, but the St. Louis front office needs to get serious about catering to their star (maybe in extremes similar to the Onion’s suggestion), or risk him sliding to the open market.

I’m sure Pujols wants to stay. Obviously, the Cardinals want him to stay. And most other fans, in an honest moment when they’re not thinking about their own teams, probably want him to stay too. Pujols is going to be considered the first great post-steriod era player, perhaps giving him status as the best ever. The “best ever” should stay in one organization. But if the Cardinals aren’t gonna pay him, there are other high-payroll teams in major cities with television networks more than willing to.

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