Monday Morning Press 2.7

Baseball! Ted Berg of SNY’s TedQuarters blog doesn’t care to write about the Super Bowl. “The Super Bowl is what the Super Bowl is: Just another diversion to help us pass time until baseball season.”

BTW, I interviewed Berg for this story last May.

The Dissent of Fiction. J.R. Daniel Kirk (who has an awesome pen name that, if applied to me, would be A.J. Wesley Smith. Nice touch.), upon watching the Coen’s “True Grit,” meditates briefly on the value of fiction. Quoting David Simon, creator of The Wire, Kirk thinks fiction is the expression of prophetic dissension:

“The Wire owes no apologies — at least not for its depiction of those portions of Baltimore where we set our story, for its address of economic and political priorities and urban poverty, for its discussion of the drug war and the damage done from that misguided prohibition, or for its attention to the cover-your-ass institutional dynamic that leads, say, big-city police commissioners to perceive a fictional narrative, rather than actual, complex urban problems as a cause for righteous concern. As citizens using a fictional narrative as a means of arguing different priorities or policies, those who created and worked on The Wire have dissented.”

Of course, fiction is a great deal more than taking umbrage at social injustice, but it’s a good place to start.

Views on Egypt. G.E. Veith rather nicely breaks down the various perspectives on the protests in Egypt, while struggling to find the truly liberal position on the issue. Naturally, of course, seeing as he’s conservative.

Not Pastor Rohm. It’s about time Cedarville got a fake twitter account. Thus far, this one mixes some good ones with a few duds. Hopefully, whoever’s doing it gets a consistent feel for fake tweeting. It’s an art, I tell you.


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