Monday Morning Press 2.21

‘Exegetical malpractice.’ Newsweek recently published an article—written by its religion editor, Lisa Miller, no less—breaking down “what the Bible really says about sex.” As Mollie Zeigler says, the piece actually betrays a serious misunderstanding of certain parts of the Bible—like, say, “the Old and New Testaments.”

She concludes:

[I]f you were hoping to learn anything about what the Bible has to say about sex or marriage, this piece wouldn’t even rank on an extremely long list of things you should read. It doesn’t just do a poor job of explaining what the Christian church teaches and has taught on these matters so much as just not even address the question in any meaningful way. What the Bible “really” has to say about sex would make for a great article. This article doesn’t even come close. That it comes from the magazine’s religion editor, of all people, is a sad statement forNewsweek and the product they’re failing to push.

Read the original Newsweek article here, and the Zeigler’s entertaining response in full here.

One of the most egregious things about the article is that Miller’s attempt to appear objective involves wrenching SBTS President Al Mohler’s comments so out-of-context as to make him sound decidedly un-Protestant. This isn’t doing journalism “two-sidedness” any favors—if you’re going to use disagreeing quotes only to make the opposite viewpoint look intolerant or juvenile, as Miller does, do everyone a favor and get rid of them altogether.

While on the subject, I should point out that a friend introduced me to the GetReligion blog last week, and it’s well worth following closely.

I wanted to be John Connor. Instead, I was John Henry. In case you missed it, an IBM supercomputer called “Watson” went up against the two most successful Jeopardy! champions ever in the popular game show last week…and won resoundingly. Jennings weighs in on the event, asserting that Watson had a not insignificant advantage. It turns out that the machine can buzz in with superhuman speed (“millisecond precision timing,” Jennings calls it), effectively guaranteeing that if Watson knew the answer (or the question, I guess), he would always get it right.

This—combined with the two humans competing against each other for the answers Watson didn’t know (it’s a supercomputer with much-improved thinking skills specifically designed for Jeopardy!, remember)—assured Watson a competitive edge. The whole piece is worth reading.

Beware: The Bible is about to threaten your smartphone focus. John Piper encourages Christians to download the ESV or Olive Tree Bibles, and allow it to take your attention regularly. “Never has God’s voice been so easily accessible,” he writes.

Creme that egg! This is wicked:

Six months of construction and apparently no life produced this beauty. (HT: 22 Words).


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