Monday Morning Press 2.28

White-Collar Football. If you follow football long enough, you start to become aware of some glaring platitudes that are at best trite and at worst vaguely racist. Black guys are always fast and athletic; white guys are always “tough, gritty, always in the right place.” They’re never just, you know, fast. And the black guys are never gritty-gritty or “smart and heady.” They’re flatly athletic. So if the white guy messes up it’s because he doesn’t have the God-given speed; if the black guy messes up it means…what exactly? He’s not smart?

In the same way, teams from Pittsburgh and Green Bay are called “blue-collar, tough” football teams (not top-tier athletes in excellent shape, of course). EDSBS wonders: What would a white-collar team look like?

Goodbye, ‘Mister.’ This is interesting: The Wall Street Journal’s sports section is dropping the paper’s policy of referring to sources by “Mr.” and “Mrs.” I guess that makes sense (Mr. Manning sounds okay, but Mr. Jeter? Ulgh) , but I kinda liked how distinctive it sounded. Oh well.

What to read if you want to write better. Spring break is coming up, and plenty of college students use the free week to do some reading for pleasure instead of professors. John Starke, an English professor at Houston Baptist University and Gospel Coalition editor, suggests some good books to aspiring (Christian) writers. (HT: JT)

Pastoral Search Committees? Mark Dever and Bobby Jameison offer some thoughts on pastoral search committees. Dever lists nine way (as is his wont, I guess) that pastoral search committees are a bad idea; Dever and Jameison together offer reasons why an elder-led pastoral search is a good alternative.

3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Press 2.28

  1. In regards to your lead item, I’ve noticed that for years and have had conversations about it. I have always been troubled by it. And when has a player of one color ever been compared to a player of another color? It doesn’t happen. But obviously there are lots of athletes who share similar skills who don’t share the same skin color. What bothers me the most is the white athletes are referred to as intelligent, smart and cerebral far more than black athletes. It’s just wrong. It’s assumed that the more athletic athletes aren’t as smart as the less-athletic athletes. It’s false logic.

  2. exactly. this manifests itself in lots of other ways too. like fans complaining that Denard Robinson (or even Terrelle Pryor, I’m sure) isn’t a “real quarterback” because he’s a better runner than thrower as a sophomore in college (as if Eric Crouch wasn’t the same way), or because he’s barely six-foot, or because he wears dreads or because of some other ludicrous reason. despite little things like facts, naturally, which tell us that he has a 60+ completion percentage.

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