Monday Morning Press 3.7

Note: Spring Break edition. As in, not serious. And with pictures.

Star Wars on Blu Ray and, soon after, 3D. Somehow I missed this when it broke, but this is kinda nice. But it makes me wonder: Will Star Wars ever stop getting marketed? It’s wild to think how much Lucas has made off three movies he made in the late ’70s.

Also: holy pants the prequels sucked.

Obvious newspaper headlines. Like: “Jobs Remain the Best Insurance Policy Against Unemployment.”

For the record. Jeff Francoeur: sucks. And might be the worst regular player in Major League Baseball. He had the second-worst OBP of any starting outfielder in baseball (and the worst in Mets history since light-hitting shortstop Rey Ordonez, the worst OPS of any right-fielder in baseball and has the worst plate discipline of any major leaguer this side of Vlad Guerrero, who has some upside to offset it (like, a .841 OPS to Frenchy’s .643 plus 29 HRs and 115 RBIs…so yeah, just some upside). Matt Klassen called him the most deluded player of the offseason, Matthew Pouliot criticized the perception that he’s a “good clubhouse guy” by pointing to Francoeur’s agent starting media campaigns about him, and Ted Berg says he’s a “terrible hitter” because he is.

And yet here we are, in March, and reports from Kansas City suggest that Frenchy might be “finally figuring it out,” which we’ve heard before. The guy is a media magnet, apparently always good for a quote, which helps his perception tremendously because all the journalists love him while we normal people hate him.

And Joe Posnanski tries very, very hard to be positive:

This is what I mean when I say that the two big points about Jeff Francoeur crash. His performance demands negativity. His attitude demands hope. The last few springs, you could count on a flurry of stories — from Atlanta, from New York, from a wandering national reporter — about how Jeff Francoeur has made an adjustment, how he has become more patient, how he has shortened his stride, how he has gotten into better shape, anything at all to offer the possibility that Francoeur would turn things around and once again be filled with the promise of photograph on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

…though we all know how this will end.

BCS stuff. If you’re a college football fan and you haven’t read this book, you probably should. Of course, you already know all about how badly the BCS screws up NCAA football, intercollegiate athletics, yea verily all of undergraduate education. Seriously.

Matt Hinton of Yahoo! Sports (a.k.a. “Dr. Saturday”) cites a University of Connecticut student newspaper report, which reveals that UConn lost 1.8 million dollars in order to play in the Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma last year.

On its face, it appears that school receive hefty paycheck for playing in the biggest bowl games — at least that’s what the conference commissioners, influential athletic directors, et. al. want you to think. So the $17 million dollars is spread in fair measure to each Big East team, leaving UConn with a nice $2.5 million payout…unless you count all the unsold tickets and hotel expenses and marching band expenses and cross-country flight and meals.


That’s some racket: The Fiesta Bowl gets paid, the hotels get paid, ESPN gets paid, guaranteed, while the institution(s) of higher learning fall headlong into the red. Hopefully they got to enjoy a little sun, at least.

The BCS is good for the bowl executives and the people who run it, but it’s a putrid deal for the players, coaches, schools and fans. It can’t fairly determine a national champion, everybody hates it, and it uses a cloak-and-dagger strategy to force even school like Ohio State and Florida to eat money to play in bowl games. It needs to die.

Spring Break!


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