Monday Morning Press 3.21

Michigan basketball. So, Michigan lost to Duke over the weekend in excruciating fashion, with Darius Morris’ last-second runner (which would have sent the game into overtime) clanging off the rim. It was sad. Brian Cook of MGoBlog reflects a bit on the low expectations and subsequent surprising season. As I mentioned on Twitter, Cook has built a reputation as an excellent fan-writer, and this is notable even for him. You should read it.

Five books for journalists. NPR’s Guy Raz offers his five bits of recommended reading for future journalists. The choices are a tad unexpected:

  • Daniel Schorr:  Staying Tuned: A Life in Journalism
  • Edward Bliss Jr. and James Hoyt: Writing News for Broadcast
  • George Orwell: Homage to Catalonia
  • George Packer: The Assassin’s Gate
  • Christopher Hitchens: Letters to a Young Contrarian

My Mother’s Basement. Joe Posnanski has no time for idiocy. He rips Bruce Jenkins’ claim that sabermetric-type stuff are “crap” written by “a bunch of nonathletes [sic.] trying to reinvent [baseball].” He even uses the cliche “bloggers in their mother’s basement wearing old underwear” line, prompting the premise for Posnanski’s response. It’s excellent.


I’ve always liked and admired the work of Bruce Jenkins. But the top quote is so annoying and bizarre and convoluted and maddening … how could anyone fighting for the integrity of resplendently crappy stats like batting average, wins and RBIs call ANYONE ELSE a “stat-crazed dunce?” Why are people who hate advanced stats so interested in the underwear bloggers wear?


Touring Israel. If you’re thinking about going to the Holy Land sometime (and you should be), read about some intriguing trips others have taken.

The Wall. Some good thoughts from various journalists on the New York Times’ upcoming paywall (it goes up March 28).


1 thought on “Monday Morning Press 3.21

  1. Thanks for the link to the Guy Raz article – I would have never have come across it otherwise. I think I’ll put a couple of those books on my Amazon Wish List.

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