Monday Morning Press 4.11

Not a lot of content for this week’s MMP; I went without electronics last week for a class. Here’s the best of the 700 posts waiting for me on Saturday morning in my Google Reader feed.

Stop talking about ‘Love Wins.’ Rome’s a bigger problem.

Post Vatican II Roman Catholicism is long overdue a thoughtful, learned Protestant response.  It will not come from the evangelical camp while the most important contributions to theology and church life over which evangelicals obsess are considered to be written at a table in Starbucks rather than at a desk in the Gregorian.  My guess is that evangelical preoccupation with the former is at least partly responsible for so many of its sons and daughters finding succour in the latter.   We need a thoughtful, learned, respectful, confessional Protestant book on Roman Catholicism.

Carl Trueman would be the one to do it. I hope he does.

Good books. Kevin DeYoung gives some recommendations.

SpaceX and the world’s most powerful rocket. Okay, aside from the fact that “SpaceX” sounds like an intergalactic travel superpower in a bad S.F. novel, this is cool. Apparently, this is another step toward commercial space flight. Sign me up.

Exit Glenn Beck. A very conservative acquaintance recently said he thought Beck had acted kinda crazy of late. Of late? That’s when you know it’s bad.

This rocks:


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