Monday Morning Press 7.20

YES I KNOW IT’S NEITHER MORNING NOR MONDAY. A lot of this is old and see if I care.

Daniel Kirk gets a life verse. I think I might use Galatians 6:11 in the future.

Tim Gombis considers the connection between Romans and the Coen brothers’ film True Grit. 

The Incredible Joe Posnanski reflects on raising children, the crushingly disappointing women’s World Cup final, and Phil Mickelson’s absurd front nine at the British open, and what they each teach us about sports.

Hyper-Calvinism is both one of the most dangerous heresies and one of the most often misapplied lables. Don’t make either mistake. Kevin DeYoung can help.

Sarah Pulliam Bailey of offers a fascinating report on Christians working in mainstream gaming. She also identifies the classic Myst as a “highly theological little computer game,” which of course. Someday I might get on my soapbox about that.

Dane Ortlund links to a video showcasing what may be the actual charge sheet for Jesus’ crucifixion.

Abraham Piper of 22 Words posts what road signs would look like in their proper context.

Also: it’s becoming increasingly likely that the Mets — 12 games back and trying to build a future contender — will soon trade the forever-awesome Carlos Beltran. When this occurs, I will no doubt feel strongly compelled to post a long, rambling retrospective* of the often under-appreciated centerfielder who is also probably one of my all-time favorite Mets. I cannot promise I will be able to resist this urge. There will be tears. That’s cool, as long as they don’t trade him to the Phill—oh please.

At least the Mets aren’t trading the somehow-even-more-awesome Jose Reyes.

*Not unlike what I did here.


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