Monday Morning Press 8.8.11

Robert Sagers, filling in for Justin Taylor at Between Two Worlds, reflects on baseball park community at San Francisco Giants games, and what the church can learn. I’ve had similar thoughts and experiences about which I’ll comment someday.

Jared Wilson considers the problems with graceless Calvinism. A hearty “amen” from these parts.

Dane Ortlund, via Sidney Greidanus, observes six ways to see Christ in the OT.

Tim Gombis lays out the communicative backdrop of the book of Romans.

Doug Wilson’s sermon outline on the blind man healed in John 9.

Did you know the SF Giants have a serious seagull problem, and are considering releasing falcons to chase them off? It’s true.

Gabe from Motivated Grammar offers excellent thoughts for journalists, arguing (persuasively) that they must be arbiters of truth and not merely stenographers or opinion-gatherers.


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