Monday Morning Press 9.12

ESPN’s Steve Wulf with an incredible story about ex-Mets manager Bobby Valentine and the friendship he developed with a 9/11 victim’s children. Read it.

Kevin DeYoung writes a prayer for 9/11, ten years later.

My good friend Chris Pluger and his family just moved to Zambia with Lutheran Bible Translators. Christians are people of the Word, so the Pluger’s mission is critical for the spread of the gospel to the nations, as Jesus commanded: translating the Bible into the common language of an African people group. Chris will be doing the actual work of translating the actual Bible—a lengthy process that is just beginning with learning the Nsenga language. Pray for them.

If you haven’t heard of Grantland, you need to check it out—it’s a site of sports writing for people who are tired of reading (and for me, writing) traditional sports writing. Last week, Michael MacCambridge reflected on David Foster Wallace’s famous essay in a 2006 issue of PLAY magazine on “Roger Federer as a Religious Experience.” If you haven’t read the original DFW essay, do so here.

So, that happened:

It was real. And I was there, actually. The cool thing is that this is a ridiculously likable (if athletically flawed) team. Check out QB Denard Robinson when he was told he produced a combined 446 yards of offense (336 passing, 110 rushing):

At the 1:58 mark:

Cool? Cool.


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