Monday Morning Press 9.26

Interesting interview with Larry Woiwode, Christian writer and essayist, about literature, life, and culture. Haven’t watched the whole thing yet, but intirigued by what I’ve seen. (HT: JT)

Doug Wilson gives some wise and timely advice to contemporary, Reformed Christian artists. I’ll probably post more extensively about this in the near future.

J.R. Daniel Kirk considers the unique importance of divine revelation.

Tim Keller thinks hard about when and how Christians should use and not use pointed, rough, orthodoxy-defending polemics.

I’m very interested in how the Old Testament relates to the New, but I reflexively get uneasy about ostensible narrative connections like this — “Jesus is the true Daniel in the Lion’s Den” — when the NT writers don’t link them explicitly (contra the story of Jonah, for example, which Jesus pointedly connects to himself). Still, Dane Ortlund draws some convincing parallels between the narrative in Daniel 6 and what we know about Jesus’ life and ministry. He makes me want to study it deeper.

If you like the Counterpoints “Five Views on ___” series as I do, Koinonia provides a comprehensive list of all the volumes. I’ve found these works extremely helpful in cultivating an awareness of what the believers across the Evangelical spectrum think about important issues. Check em out.

After it was revealed last week that John Smoltz (and possibly other Braves pitchers) doctored baseballs in the 90’s, Amazin’ Avenue’s Matthew Callan wonders why pitchers messing with balls doesn’t garner the same outrage as hitters taking steroids. It is a very fair question, and I think his conclusion is compelling.

Also, these guys rock.


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