Monday Morning Press 11.19

As if we need another excuse. There are numerous reasons to drink coffee — some drink for quantity, using as fuel to push through the day; others drink for quality, brewing their own daily and refusing to settle for Folgers or Starbucks. A recent study suggests that our favorite hot drink doesn’t just give us energy or taste awesome, but it also may help us think faster:

Now, a study published today in the journal PLOS ONE suggests that 200 mg of caffeine—the equivalent of a couple of cups of coffee—can help the brain identify words more quickly and precisely. In a study conducted by psychologists Lars Kuchinke and Vanessa Lux from Ruhr University in Germany, healthy young adults given a 200 mg caffeine tablet exhibited improved speed and accuracy while completing a word recognition task.

HT: Scot McKnight

Perhaps Old Testament writers understood more that we give them credit for? Justin Taylor posts a helpful quote from G.K. Beale on the complexities of authorial intent in the OT.

Because one snobby, religious football school isn’t enoughBobby Ross Jr. of GetReligion blog addresses Liberty University’s absurd wish be ascend to the elites of college football, and become the “Protestant Notre Dame.” Maybe Liberty will be ride wins over Boston College and Wake Forest on its way to getting hammered in the National Championship Game someday too!

Bible software stuff. Mark Hoffman gives three reasons to upgrade to/buy Logos 5. It’s the better searches, basically.

DFW biographyIt exists, and Elaine Blair gives a nice review in the NYT. I’ve heard conflicting things about it, but I’m sure I’ll check it out at some point.

And everybody makes fun of how much I use it. Ben Yagoda in the NYT on the glory of the em-dash.

You’re back! Yeah, we’ll see how long it lasts. I’m pretty sure I’m just writing again for an excuse to say something glowing about Denard Robinson sometime this week.

* Three things: first, this will never happen. Second, they just hired former Nebraska star QB Turner Gill — who had substantial success at Buffalo (for Buffalo, anyway) before he left for Kansas, limped to a 5-19 record, and was fired after two seasons. It’s a good hire for Liberty, though, which tells you how close they are to even playing Notre Dame one time: they’re hiring major college football castoffs.Third, I wrote a story for the Cedarville student paper when I was there about why we didn’t have a football team, and the biggest reason was the sorry story of Liberty: ambition gets the best of all of us.


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