MMP 12.3

New Bruce Ware book on the humanity of Christ. And Dane Ortlund interviews him about it for 20 minutes. The discussion about Jesus’ permanent humanity starting at 18:13 is particularly mind-blowing. You can get the book here.

Theologian Trading Cards! They are real. I guess they’re primarily for getting familiar with figures in church history, but try convincing someone you’re not an enormous dork once they find them on your shelf. Honestly though, this isn’t really going to take off until they start selling ten-packs. BONUS: Win a free Kevin Vanhoozer!

HT: Koinonia

Language in Lincoln. There are lots of things to love about Steven Spielberg’s film about Abraham Lincoln’s political genius in the passing of the Thirteenth Amendment, but what most impressed me was its sharp, compelling dialogue. Then I stumbled upon this excellent piece in the Boston Globe on screenwriter Tony Kushner. Here’s a great excerpt:

Kushner so immersed himself in the president’s earthy yet powerful language that he eventually felt comfortable coining his own Lincolnese. When the chief proponents of the 13th Amendment complain that they can’t convince enough House Democrats to break ranks, Lincoln snaps, “You grousle and heckle and dodge about like pettifogging Tammany Hall hucksters.” Good luck finding grousle in the OED: Kushner says he made it up. “I just liked the sound of it,” he admitted.

Read the whole thing. (HT: Scot McKnight)

Do you always begin conversations this way? ESPN’s NFL Kickoff crew decided to squeeze in as many Princess Bride allusions as they could in a 30 minute show. Some of you saw this on my Facebook feed but didn’t watch because you thought it was 30 minutes long. It’s actually less than two, and entirely worth it.

Also, according to one of the commenters, Trey Wingo said it wasn’t pre-planned, which makes it even better. Watch now.

HT: 22 Words


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